足球买球官方网站,我们接近教学, 学习, 生活是一种艺术形式——足球外围盘官方网站. 我们的幼儿项目 provides students with an opportunity to learn and practice the essential problem-solving and 沟通 skills that they will use throughout their schooling. We deeply value play as the work of childhood and see children as capable and competent. 通过合作和探究式课程, 培养学生的独立意识和同理心 while also gaining critical thinking skills and foundational academic knowledge. Our 老师 create nurturing environments that support the unique 年龄 and st年龄 of each grade level while highlighting the magic of early childhood.


在护理项目中,学生们参与游戏、艺术 & 工艺品,木制工艺品,特殊项目,串珠,故事 & 阅读,在监督下自由玩耍. The program is open to Oak Grove students after school Monday through Friday. We support creativity and intelligence in an atmosphere of playful cooperation and relaxation.


我们都记得第一次走过校园的情景, 拜访老师, and how the philosophy of Oak Grove’s approach to education resonated with us. 没有什么比在新生身上看到这一点更令人兴奋的了, 父母, 老师, 还有参观学校的朋友. 如果你是第一次发现足球买球官方网站, 请花点时间浏览我们的网站,并与我们联系 安排旅行.



壁虎 & 鬣蜥

Our 学前教育 Program is play-based and serves children three to five years old. Teachers create a nurturing environment where 学习 takes place naturally and intellectual growth flourishes, 但从不被强迫. We deeply value play as the work of childhood and see children as capable and competent.

随着学生们越来越适应分离, they begin to form peer relationships and increasingly become part of a group. 学前教育 provides challenge and intellectual stimulation within a warm emotional climate. 老师和孩子们一起创造激发好奇心的体验, 激发探索, 拉伸肌肉. 通过密切观察孩子, 教师决定需求, 气质, 为下一步做好准备.

学前教育特别强调社会情感的发展, 基于社区和同理心的价值观. Children are given the tools and skills needed to participate in cooperative interactions, 和平解决冲突, 为自己和他人挺身而出, 要积极主动, 一个团体中负责任的成员.

At Oak Grove we are committed to fostering in children the sense of well-being and confidence that enables them to appreciate others and instills real understanding across cultures.


在我们2023年的最后一次集会上, the 高中 honor band performed a song written by preschool students about Lucky, 足球买球官方网站的居民红尾鹰.



幼儿园 at Oak Grove is a time when children and their families enter a larger, 更多元化的社区, 当孩子们发现他们的自主性, 但仍然需要成年人的支持来帮助他们理解这个世界.

Our 幼儿园 provides children with an opportunity to learn and practice the essential problem-solving and 沟通 skills that they will use throughout their schooling. This is a time when the transition between play and 学习 is still seamless. The 幼儿园 program reflects an understanding that children learn through active involvement and that children represent their knowledge in a variety of ways.

幼儿园学生通过社会学科探索周围的世界, 阅读, 写作, 数学, 科学, 还有艺术, 而教师则支持学生找到自己的声音, 与同行合作, 并成长为团队中富有同情心的成员. 通过沉浸在协作中, 以及探究式课程, 培养学生的独立意识和同理心.


第一个 & 二年级

在一年级和二年级, 老师 balance academics with mastery of fundamental skills in critical and creative thinking. Beautiful classrooms and time exploring nature alongside each other and skilled 老师 provide a safe environment for expanding important skills in relationship building and conflict resolution. Project-based 学习 and emergent curriculum allows students to dive deeply into subjects, 和老师一起学习.


它始于一本书, Roxaboxen,作者:Alice McClerran. 通过在附近的草地上创造自己的Roxaboxen. 他们从事有意义的, 亲自动手的, 需要合作的创造性任务, 沟通, 和想象力. 他们的 Roxaboxen项目 所有这些和有目的的综合学习.



Oak Grove students, of all 年龄s, spend time 学习 outdoors, both on and off campus. 从日常游戏中, 穿过足球买球官方网站和附近的草地, 户外教育是足球买球官方网站教育的基石. It is well documented that unstructured play outdoors promotes creativity and problem-solving skills. 孩子们创造新的游戏,参与戏剧游戏,自由探索. 有规律地运用创造力, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in an unstructured outside setting means that children are more likely to have these skills in the classroom and future careers.


每年春天, 幼儿园的孩子们和家长、老师一起在足球场上露营, 一起享用美食, 围着营火唱歌. 在一年级和二年级, camping trips move to Carpinteria State Beach with both 父母 and 老师. This is the beginning of the Oak Grove camping and travel experience that continues to expand each year as children build confidence and independence.


父母的支持 & 教育


Our intention is to nurture an affectionate partnership between 老师 and 父母. 鼓励家庭与学校之间的公开交流, parent education and discussion time in parent meetings are offered twice a month.

Oak Grove’s 幼儿计划s emphasize the emotional and academic benefits that can take place when 父母 and children learn together.


The faculty of the Oak Grove Secondary School provides a well-rounded Parent Ed program, whereby 父母 can become informed on subjects related to teen and young adult development. 家长教育活动由教师和外部专业人士领导, 包括社交媒体健康等话题, 学院准备, 青少年性行为, 基于探究的对话, 和更多的. The program’s mission is to support 父母 in raising teen年龄rs through workshops on adolescent development, 传播策略, 学院准备, 以及危害预防. 除了, the program emphasizes building relationships and support networks among 父母, 老师, 社区成员.

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